Urba Life make it there priority to ensure all of our students have settled in nicely within there first few months at University as well as there allocated student apartments Southampton.

With our newly developed Southampton Uni halls we like to find out how your new home is treating you!

Moving out of your current home and starting this new journey of independence can be daunting, this is why Urba Life has tried to make everything as easy as possible to manage for our students.

For example are Southampton Uni halls are inclusive bills so you don’t need to worry each month about going over on your electricity bill or having to pay out extra on your monthly bill than usual.

We decided to take a visit to Queens Gate student apartments Southampton to see how everyone was settling in. We were pleasantly surprised to see how well our students were engaging with each other and how happy they were with there new living arrangements.

Don’t settle for anything less than the best ! If you aren’t happy with where you are staying and want to move into one of our Southampton Uni halls contact Urba Life and we can try our best to get you a place with us next year.

For more information on our student apartments Southampton feel free to look around the site or get in touch.