Why go to university in Southampton? If the temptation of our luxury flats and all-in-one accommodation is not enough, perhaps we could highlight more of what makes the Southampton and Solent universities so special.


Both universities in Southampton offer their students a wide and varied range of courses. If we were to narrow it down to one primary point of excellence for each though, it would be as follows. The University of Southampton is the country-wide specialist in engineering, achieving 5-star ratings for its research across the range of its engineering departments. Solent University on the other hand has a more real-world focus, championing courses with a practical application, equipping their students with a skill set that will be directly applied in finding work and utilising their degree.

Location, Location, Location

Southampton is a great city to live in and both universities take full advantage of this. With an incredibly lively local music scene and a vast array of bars, pubs and clubs, it’s easy to embark on a good night out straight from class. Both campuses have multiple locations across Southampton interconnected by transport links. It’s not just excellent nightlife that Southampton serves up though, with a decent selection of shopping centres, museums and libraries so those looking for some retail therapy or further culture and learning won’t be let down either.

Facilities & Support

The Southampton Universities both enjoy modern campuses with state of the art services provided onsite. Artistic and stylish decor mean both unis have a unique aesthetic, with neither short of charm. With bars, food courts, shops, radio and cinema facilities and a range of other useful conveniences all located onsite, most students won’t need to leave the campus itself much at all. On top of this both universities offer a dedicated team of support staff who aim to ensure the students have access to everything they need.

Friendly Staff & Focused Lecturers

Solent and Southampton University both pride themselves on a roster of teachers who provide something a little more than just tutelage. Whilst the Southampton staff are some of the most knowledgeable in their respective fields, the Solent stance comes with a little bit more experience and practicality. They invest in their students and provide them with all the support and care they need to equip them for the world after university. The bond between student and teacher is real and a great deal of care goes into your course curation.


We’d be lying if we said you could find better accommodation than you can attending Southampton universities. Our state of the art, all-inclusive rooms serve both campuses and provide an extensive range of facilities on top of what the universities already provide themselves. There are of course other options available to you but why settle for anything other than the best?

We hope this article proves helpful and no matter what choices you make, enjoy!

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