University of Southampton Highfield Campus is their main campus, it is situated at the heart of the University. In our opinion it is one of the most attractive of university campuses in Southampton, set in beautiful green surroundings. It is also easily accessible from the city centre, with regular Uni Link busses.

At Urba Life we are incredibly lucky to have the Court Yard, which is ideal for Students looking for Highfield Campus Halls and Highfield Campus accommodation.

The Court Yard is a new development which offers top-quality studio apartments just moments from the University of Southampton Highfield Campus, The Court Yard was first available to students in 2015. For anyone looking for safe, secure accommodation in a popular and prime location the deluxe apartments in The Court Yard will be ideally suited for all your needs.

The University of Southampton have produced this excellent video below about the Highfield Campus Southampton:

The Highfield Campus address is University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ which is only a few minuets walk from The Court Yard, 468 – 480 Portswood Road, Southampton, SO17 3SP.

For transport getting to Solent University, the city centre or any of the other University of Southampton Campuses, then The Highfield Campus has the Uni Link Transport interchange which is a major transport hub for the city of Southampton.

From the interchange you can grab a uni link bus to travel to other campuses and to other destinations across the city, including train stations and Southampton International Airport.

When you get to it you will notice that the interchange offers real-time travel information, a well-lit, covered waiting area, and a place to buy food and drink.

We love the Highfield Campus as it is the home to many innovative buildings, lively arts venues, and great sports and leisure facilities.

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Highfield Campus accommodation