Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming moving away from home, meeting new people, having to handle some things you didn’t have to before. Here’s a couple of tips to help you out:

Never sleep through your alarm again!

Why not try sticking your phone in an (empty!) cup next to your bed. Trust me, you will not be able to sleep through this!

Need more space in your closet?

If the two closets we provide just aren’t enough for all your clothes, why not try using the can ring from a can of soda? Simply twist it off the can and then stick your hook from your hanger through one hole and hook another hanger onto the other hole and voila! Suddenly you’re doubling up and your closets can take way more clothes.

Easily pick out clothes.

Just a small tip, but a useful one; if you stack your shirts vertically in your drawers then you will be able to see what each shirt is without having to rifle through them.

Tired of messy wires?

Sometimes you get your work station just right, are studying super hard and then your laptop tells you it’s about to die and now you have to crawl under your desk and figure out where in the tentacle monster of wires is the end for your charging cable. Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, the internet provided me with a great tip that I’m now sharing with you.

Simply take some binder clips and stick them on the back of your desk, or wherever makes the most sense. You can then use the metal ends to hold the ends of your cables in a nice and easy to reach place!

Over-boiling pot?

Now that you’ve moved somewhere that comes with its own kitchen, you will undoubtedly find yourself cooking more often. That cooking will often include the staple of a student’s diet: pasta! If there’s one thing anyone who has cooked pasta before will know, it’s that no matter what you do the pot will always seem to boil over. You can try adjusting the temperate, putting on a lid, using less water, it doesn’t matter, this is just something that will happen more often than not.

No worries, I come bearing tips. This one is simple but beautiful; take a wooden spoon and place it across the top of the pot. That’s it. This will stop the water boiling over and getting everywhere so you won’t have to keep a paranoid eye on the pot for however long it takes to cook your meal. Enjoy!


I hope these small tips will help you when getting used to student life, I know they helped me. If you want to see what other students have to say about The Court Yard, please watch our video:


Or if you would like to read about what facilities The Court Yard has available, please read this blog.


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