If there’s one thing students as a whole need more of, it’s money. Whether you’re saving for a deposit on a flat or just a nice night out, it can be difficult when you’re only working with part-time wages or student finances.

Here’s a list of the Top 5 things you can do to save money as a student:



There are a number of places all over the UK that accept discounts cards. Grab yourself an NUS Extra Card and get 25% off pizza at Domino’s (Source), 25% off movies at Odeon (Source), or 5% – 50% at Apple! (Source) And that’s just the beginning, a number of other stores will give discounts to those with an NUS Extra Card.

Or maybe you’re a fan of eating out? If that’s the case, you might want to consider buying a tastecard (Source), it’s only £30 per year, but it means you get 50% off at thousands of restaurants across the UK!

And of course, the final and cheapest way to get a discount everywhere is with your student ID. Just make sure to keep it on you at all times, you might be surprised how many places will give you discounted prices.


Quite Smoking

This almost goes without saying, but smoking is quite an expensive habit to have. If you are smoking just 5 per day that means over a year you are spending around £550. For those who smoke a bit more, especially on a night out, you could be spending upwards of £1,000 – £2,000 per year! (Source)

Should you choose to quit there are a number of things out there that can help with your cravings. The NHS offers a ‘quitting kit’ (patches, gum, sprays and medication) or you could try e-cigs as you wean yourself off.

Finally there are numerous types of free ‘Quit Smoking’ apps. These often have motivational health facts, a progress timer and checkpoints you can reach; all of which are meant to help you beat your addiction.


Phone Insurance

This may seem counter-intuitive, to pay for insurance you may never need. But that is the exact point, should you choose to try and save money by not having phone insurance and then something happens, can you really afford to buy a new phone or pay for expensive repairs?

If that doesn’t have you thinking then how about finding out that on average 10,000 mobile phones are stolen every month in London? (Source) That’s just in London! What’s more, most phones that do get damaged, receive that damage within the first 10 weeks of owning them!

Really, hopefully you will never need that insurance, but if something does happen you can either save yourself a fair amount of money or the need to buy a cheap replacement phone.


3 Year Railcard

If you’re commuting, or even just like travelling around the UK, then the 16 – 25 railcard is an absolute must! For just £30 per year you can get 30% off any train tickets you buy. What’s more, it doesn’t just save you money when travelling by train, but if you check out the website there are a number of other stores in partnership with Railcard that offer discounts!

And finally, as a small bonus, if you have a NUS Extra Card then you can get 12% off of your Railcard. So now you’re saving money all around!


Save On Food

Ok, so we may have just given you a number of ways to save money when you eat out, but that doesn’t change the fact that a prime way to save even more money is to be a bit more organised when it comes to food.

If you eat ‘on the go’ even 3 times a week at a minimum of £5, that means you’re spending around £600 (most likely more) on food you don’t really need to pay for. Instead cook extra at home, take your leftovers for lunch, make some sandwiches or buy a thermos for soups/stews/tea. All this can save you from spending extra money on food.



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