We are always grateful for the amazing feedback we receive from our residents and are delighted to share the latest body of kind comments.

In the below video you will see some of our student residents talk about what they enjoy the most about living at The Court Yard, one of our Southampton Student Halls.

The Court Yard is perfectly placed for those who are going to the University of Southampton. Located very near to both the University itself and Portswood High Street, residents are easily able to reach both the University and any shops, cafés and clubs they may want.

The rooms themselves are safe, secure and clean. As we can see one our students explaining, by staying at The Court Yard he was able to stay somewhere where he could make friends, that was safe, near to University, and if there was ever a problem he could contact staff who are both easy to get in touch with, and who come back to you as soon as possible.

Another student explains how she came through clearing and that unfortunately all the rooms in the Southampton Student Halls were taken. She looked into the possibility of house-sharing, but didn’t really want to move into a house with strangers. She even looked into self-contained flats, but they were mostly located by the Docks. This lead to her discovering The Court Yard. As she explains, The Court Yard has great facilities and the prices are actually cheaper than what she was looking at before. For those students who don’t like working in a library environment, then you are easily able to work from your rooms.

When you want to spend some time around people, the common room is the social hub of the building and you will always find someone there to hang out with.

If this sounds like the kind of place you would be interested in living please follow this link: https://urba-life.co.uk/court-yard/.

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