Here it is; the infamous Fresher’s week. Undoubtedly one of the best weeks you could have as a student; you get tons of free stuff, meet new friends and explore your new surroundings. But Fresher’s week is also notorious for it’s all night parties and cheap booze. What if you don’t want to wake up with jaegerbombs in your hair and regret on your mind? Check out our booze-free survival guide;


  1. Explore

Now you’ve unpacked a couple of boxes it’s definitely time to take a break and get outside. If you’re new to the area this is a great opportunity to get yourself oriented and find out where all of the cool things are. See how long it takes you to walk to the campus and back, go to the local swimming pool, find out if there are any tourist attractions near you. Check out Virtual Tourist for ideas on places you can visit in Southampton.


  1. Go to the fair

The Fresher’s fair is an amazing way of finding your way around the campus, meeting new friends and getting a whole bunch of free stuff. Check out your student union for their programme of what’s on to make sure you don’t miss out on anything. Get yourself registered, sort your student ID and find out where your lecture rooms are.


  1. Learn some recipes

A vast amount of students will spend the next 3 years eating ramen noodles and microwave pizzas. Believe it or not, they will revere you as a godlike deity if you can cook something half decent. Learn a few recipes so you can cook your favourite meal if you start to feel homesick or to win over your new housemates. Check out Student Recipes and Student Cooking TV for some inspiration.


  1. Join a society

Joining a few clubs will mean learning new skills and meeting lots of like-minded friends. Once the initial buzz of Fresher’s week has worn off, you will have something great to help you maintain your work/life balance. Who knows, these hobbies might actually help you bag a job further down the line. Check out the stands at the fair for inspiration for your new hobby, be it climbing, scuba diving, circus skills, music, languages – the world is your hamster!


  1. Get a job

If you are worried about missing out on the more social elements of drinking, get a job in your local student bar. That way you will be able to meet lots of people and take part in events without feeling the pressure to drink.


  1. Go to a tea crawl

This is actually a thing now, apparently. If you are a tea drinker this is an ideal way to get into the swing of Fresher’s week without incurring a hangover.

  1. Laugh!

The most important thing to remember is that you need to laugh. Your drinking counterparts will undoubtedly make complete fools of themselves so make the most of it!


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