Urba Life took the time to find out how their new tenant’s were getting on in their new accommodation. We were pleasantly surprised with all the positive feedback. Students were incredibly happy with the facilities and the location. The one comment that was mentioned multiple times was how impressed they all were with the speed of the WiFi. Numerous students expressed how great it was to be able to use the internet without it cutting out and being able to use it everywhere around the building.

Multiple students of the Ubra Life Accommodation Southampton Solent explained how excited they were about having a double bed and to say the least no one was unhappy with the beds provided. We spoke to the tenant’s of the Queens Gate flats to find out how comfortable their stay has been so far and they couldn’t of been happier. A lot of students were relived that they had their own fridge freezer and additional storage underneath their beds. One major point the students made was how great their social life was and how they have all have met different people from different locations due to the Accommodation Solent being close to both university’s.

The biggest factor the students were happy about was being able to afford the accommodation without worrying about budgeting for essentials. With the accommodation Solent being so close to transport links the students expressed how they were saving money on not having to get bus’s as they were walking distance from the university, shops and restaurants etc.

Overall I think that the Urba Life accommodation Southampton Solent should be highly considered for students Accommodation Southampton Solent attending the Southampton university’s due to great feedback from all students and the affordability of the accommodation.