We all enjoy a good night out every now and then, here are some tips so that you can have a fun and safe night out.


Never leave your drink unattended and try to keep an eye on your friends’ drinks. Don’t accept any drinks from strangers and watch how much you drink yourself, getting completely wasted may be fun for you, but it’s less so for everyone else.

If you feel yourself getting too drunk (trust me, you’ll know), get a glass of water. If you are worried about being teased by your friends then ask for ice and a slice of lemon with your water, this makes it look like a vodka and lemonade and means you can sober up a bit without the teasing.


Try to stick with your friends when in large clubs or moving between pubs. If you are going to the bathroom make sure to tell someone where you’ve gone and keep an eye out for your friends who leave as well. If someone hasn’t come back after 30 minutes, either go find them or at least text them asking where they are and if they are ok.

If you’re going home, don’t go alone.


Always make sure your phone is charged.

This means you can keep in contact with your friends if you get separated in a club, let someone know where you’re going, call a cab, use the GPS to get home or even call the police. You do not want to run out of power half-way through the night and find you have no way of getting home.


Make sure to withdraw some cash for a cab or train and keep it separated from your drinking money. This means even if you end up at a house party or in the middle of nowhere, you still have a way to get home. If you are meeting your friends at the party or elsewhere, make sure to book a cab pick you up when you estimate the nights going to end. If you guess wrong you can always call to change the time, but if you don’t book the cab you might not find yourself in a position to book one later.

I hope these tips help you when you’re out for a night on the town. If you want to see what safety measures we have in place at our Southampton student accommodation, watch our video:

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