Are you looking for things to do this summer in Southampton?

The Urba-life team have put together this helpful blog filled with activities for you to do in the Southampton area. We’ve tried to create a budgeted list by eliminating the more expensive activities as, we understand it’s all about budgeting while being a student. Many of the activities listed below are conveniently situated near our Solent student accommodation so, you can visit them all year round.

  1. Are you looking to explore the sea? Southampton have some of the best boat tours, with many to choose from
  2. Do you enjoy musicals? The Mayflower Theatre have the famous musical, CATS, on between the 9 – 20th of August. The Theatre is only a 7 minutes from our Solent student accommodation, Queens Gate! To book your tickets click on the link:
  3. This is one for the boys, Southampton’s famous St Marys stadium will be filled with fans on Sunday 7th August at 3pm. To get your tickets click here: 
  4. Ever heard of a ribboat ride? If you’re looking to do something completely out the ordinary then this is for you! Enjoy a crazy boat ride along the seas of Southampton with the Seadogz team, find out more information here:
  5. Seeing as the weather is brightening up why not take a stroll down the common, which is only an 11 minute drive from our Solent student accommodation. It’s a free day out which has a big space for picnics, walking, running, bike rides, ball games etc. There is also a park and a couple of ponds. The Hawthorn Centre is free to enter and has quite a bit to look at, as well as a small café. Suitable for all.
  6. Depending on what music you’re into or if you want a change from your usual nights out, get yourself down to The Brook. Overall, The Brook has a great atmosphere with live bands playing there on a regular basis, find out when there next big event is by clicking on the link:

Overall, Southampton is a great place to live especially while you’re a student, there’s so much to do, day in and day out. The Urba-Life’s Solent student accommodation has been filed these past few months with the Urba-life team showing around next year’s residents, which I have to say are shaping up to be a fine set of individuals from both Southampton University and Southampton Solent University.

So, if your looking at Southampton Student Halls for the next academic year, then we are pleased to announce that accommodation is still available. So why not have a look around our brand new facilities ahead of securing your place to live in 2015-16. Urba-Life Southampton Student Halls prides its self on its friendly student accommodation, well run by knowledgeable staff and all on inclusive terms.