Hello everyone, we hope you like our new website and your finding it easier to book with us. You can now view our rooms in a more efficient way as our new website allows us to showcase each individual image with a clear description and the option to view the floor plan of each room. Once a specific room type is filled, it will be shown clearly on the red banner going across the page. You can also view our YouTube video on each property page so you can visually see whats it would be like to live in the Urba-life’s accommodation.

If your looking at Solent University flats then you’ve come to the right place as, we have three unique properties which are conveniently situated near both University, Southampton Solent and The University of Southampton. Urba-life started up in 2012-2013, our first property we build was Queens Gate which was a huge success. We are currently in the process of finishing off our biggest property, Marland House, which will be finished by September 2016. We’ve had great feedback from all of our tenets in the recent years due to our outstanding customer service and fast replies in regards to maintenance issues, our team make it our prime priority to ensure that all mainitance issues are addressed as quickly as possible.

If your looking for Solent University flats then please visit the page listed below where you have a choice of three properties:

Urba-life properties