Halloween is one of the busiest times of the year for parties but you don’t have to spend much to create an awesome costume. Check out these great ideas to get yourself ready for the celebrations!


  1. Your friend

Pick a friend and go to a party as each other; swap clothes, make up, hairstyles, shoes – easy peasy!


  1. Grapes

Buy a load of purple balloons and attach them to your clothes. Boom! Instant costume.


  1. Pop art

There are some incredible tutorials out there for really effective pop art make up, simple and effective!


  1. Space

Grab your galaxy tshirt and pin some papier mache planets to it to become the solar system


  1. Professor

Choose your favourite lecturer and style your costume around them.


  1. Zombie

Zombies are perfect for Halloween, and all it takes is a ripped t-shirt, some fake blood and your drunken antics will take care of the rest!


  1. Jellyfish

Get an umbrella, attach some bubble wrap and cellophane tentacles and you are ready to rock as a sea creature.


  1. Robot

If you have a load of cardboard in your recycling bin, rescue it and transform it into a robot costume!


  1. Pinata

It doesn’t get much easier than this! Attach streams of crepe paper to your clothes and prepare for the beats!


  1. Cloud

If you happen to have a load of fluff lying around, like a burst pillow or cotton wool, stick it to our clothes and go as a cloud.


  1. Black and white movie

Grab your black and white clothes and paint your face and skin grey – instant nostalgic movie character.


  1. Instagram

Get a pieve of cardboard, cut a square in the middle, paint the top blue, add your handle and there you have it – easiest costume ever!


How are you celebrating Halloween this year? We would love to hear from you!


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