It is a well-known fact that studying at University can have a negative impact on your sleeping patterns. From pulling all-nighters to enduring your flatmate’s noisy 3am return home, sleep deprivation can not only affect your ability to study and retain information but it can also have an overall impact on your health. Here are some tips on how you can keep getting a good night’s sleep;


  • If noise is your problem, invest in a fan or a white noise machine. These will help to block out any sound from outside and help you to get a deeper sleep.


  • If you find it soothing to fall asleep to rain or the gentle sounds of flowing water, there are lots of 10 hour YouTube videos which you can play in the background to help you drift off


  • Invest in some silicon ear plugs. These are great for cancelling out all noise which means you will get a really deep sleep. Just be careful when you need to set your alarm!


  • Drop some lavender essential oil on your pillow or pick up a cheap essential oil diffuser to keep your room calm and relaxing


  • Avoid drinking alcohol before you go to bed. It is a stimulant, so while it may relax you at first it is likely that you may wake up again in the early hours of the morning


  • Always exercise regularly. This helps to relax the body when it goes into sleep mode at night time


  • Check out breathing exercises used in yoga practices. They are perfect for relaxing the body and encouraging the mind to let go of any unwanted thoughts.


  • Use guided meditations designed for helping you go to sleep


  • Try to avoid napping during the day as this reduces the chances of you feeling sleepy in the evening


  • Designate your bed a work-free zone, keeping it as a calm sanctuary will help you to stop thinking about study when you go to bed.


  • Get your own place. Sometimes all of the oil diffusers, mediations and ear plugs in the world can’t stop the sounds of drum and bass from your flatmate’s room at 3am. Moving to top class student accommodation will give you control over your sleep patterns and help you nail your university course.


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