We’ve all been there. You move to uni, have a great time meeting the amazing people you will be living with and then before you know it they are driving you CRAZY!

Living with friends can be a lot harder than it sounds, many students will be living away from home for the first time so they may not be used to adapting to other people’s needs.

Whether it’s loud music or overdue rent, it can be enough to make or break your studies.

So to help, we’ve come up with a list of 4 ways to deal with your annoying flatmates:

  1. They don’t pay the rent

This is the kicker! If the rent doesn’t get paid, you and your fellow housemates could be out on your backsides looking for new accommodation. Houseshares usually require a jointly and severally liable contract which means that you or your guarantors will be equally liable for any missed payments.

If you have a flatmate who is lax on making payments, start by gently reminding them one week before it is due and then again 2 days before the due date.

If this doesn’t work, you might want to call a house meeting and discuss the possibility of removing them and renting their room to someone else. That should do the trick!

  1. They play really loud music

We all love listening to music, but when your flatmate has been playing the same song on repeat for the last 4 hours and the bassline is making your windows shake, it might be time to have a (relatively) quiet word.

Speaking to your flatmate one-to-one and explain how exasperating you find it, ask them if they wouldn’t mind using headphones, especially late at night.

Invest in some good quality silicon earplugs to help block the sound out, if it gets really bad you could even look into some cheap and temporary soundproofing solutions, see some cheap noise reduction ideas from Soundproof Panda here.

Whatever you do, don’t retaliate with louder music, because you will more than likely end up with a visit from your local Environment Protection Officer.

  1. They eat your food

The dismay of coming home to find that your last piece of cake has gone! Stealing food is not cool, but par for the course in student digs.

You might be tempted but try not to leave a note as these can be wildly misinterpreted as passive aggressive threats.

The best way to deal with the issue is by confronting your flatmate head on. Explain how you are finding it difficult to feed two of you, and that you expect to be shown the same respect as you show to them.

If this doesn’t work, hand them a bill for the food they have stolen from you!

  1. They don’t do the cleaning

This can be so frustrating, especially when you live in larger houses with bigger common areas.

Drawing up a rota and schedule might work for a time, but there is always that one flatmate who refuses to contribute.

One way of managing this is to get a cleaner for a couple of hours a week to help with the bathroom and kitchen areas.

Remember to pick your battles – if a chore has been done but not as you would have liked it, just be grateful that it was even done in the first place!

If all else fails and you can’t face another term with your annoying flatmate, give us a call on 023 8124 4161 or email us on to find out how we can help you with your very own student accommodation.