1. Freelance

If you are in a creative field, freelancing has the advantage of being beneficial for both your CV and experience. You will make valuable contacts and begin building a base of clients for when you have finished your course. Put together a free website on WordPress, add your portfolio, get some business cards made and start networking!


  1. Turn artwork or photography into posters

There are lots of websites which allow you to upload your images for an international marketplace to purchase on t-shirts, mugs or posters. Check out Society6, Gumroad or Café Press or if you don’t like the idea of someone else getting a cut of your sales, create your own t-shirts and sell for a mark-up.


  1. Start a blog

Everyone who’s anyone is writing a blog these days, but they really can pay off. In 2012, Evelyn Robinson started a blog, puravidastudent.com to showcase her creative writing while at university. It quickly gained a cult following and subsequently won several awards, creating a great launchpad for Evelyn and her life after university.


  1. Create a skills swap website for your campus

If there is one thing that all students will agree on, it’s that free things are good things. Arranging a skills swap site for your campus with a small sign-up fee is a great way to get students learning from each other while helping to build the student community.


  1. Start a film screening night

Grab an old-school projector and a bed sheet and have a chat with the Student Union about setting up a film screening night every week. Charge a small entry fee or create a membership structure in which members receive extras.


  1. Teach languages online

There are many different websites offering English teaching online, check out eTeacher. Verbling or italki who all allow you to create a teaching profile and validate your skills.


  1. Upcycle charity shop finds

If scouring charity and second hand shops is your bag, this may be the business for you. Pick up bargains and upcycle them to add value then sell for a profit. If you are a studying fashion or design this would be a great way to hone your skills.


  1. Become a Vlogger

Vlogging, the video version of blogging, is becoming big business. With some vlogger stars starting out as students and creating a large earnings for themselves through personal appearances, Instagram posts and the advertisement of products on their sites, it’s easy to see why a lot of students are turning to their video recorders.


  1. Create passive income products

Passive income isn’t just about owning property and living off the rental income. There are plenty of other passive income streams such as eBooks, courses, apps and guides which could all earn you bucks while you sleep.


  1. Delivery service

Create a trusty delivery service for students in need; wellness packages for ill students or survival packages for those studying for exams.


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