Apparently, 13th October is when students are statistically more likely to start feeling homesick. The third week in October is the most popular for students to take train journeys home with a similar surge only being seen around Christmas. Once the excitement of starting uni has worn off, how do you go about managing the blues? We have put together a list of suggestions which might help:


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  1. Exercise

Getting your blood pumping will help release all those lovely feel-good endorphins which will hugely improve your mood and make you less homesick. Check out your local yoga clubs, join a circus skills workshop, sign up to a climbing class or find out whether your local gym offers a student membership. Whatever you do, just move!




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  1. Join societies

Joining as many societies as you can will keep you busy, social and active.  You will more than likely meet lots of friends who will be able to keep your mind off of your longings for home.




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  1. Nutrition

Make sure you stock up on vitamins B and D as well as Omega-3 supplements which are all known for their mood boosting effects. Come up with some recipes for warming soups, stews and salads packed full of fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts, oats and oily fish. Ask your family for their favourite recipes so you can enjoy familiar food to remind you of home.




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  1. Meditation

A recent study has shown that combining exercise with meditation can reduce depression symptoms by up to 40%.  Just 30 minutes of meditation along with 30 minutes of exercise a day can help you boost your mood. And if that’s not enough to convince you, it is widely reported that some of the most successful people in the world incorporate meditation into their daily habits.





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  1. Explore

Make sure you get out and explore the local area! Getting used to your surroundings and finding out where everything is will make you feel more at home and settled. Grab your camera, some snacks and head out for a wander!


Have you got any tips for beating the blues?


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