This years BBC One program, The Apprentice, is well under way and better than ever. We took the time to find out where the mighty Richard Woods studied during his younger days. We were pleasantly surprised that he attended the Southampton Solent University and lived in Halls, supplied by the university’s accommodation Solent team.

He’s experience at the university was a positive one to say the least and he very much enjoyed what theaccommodation Solent housing team provided for him. He loved living in the town and always felt a happy vibe from the residents of Southampton. Richard Woods studied Business with entrepreneurship and graduated from the university ten years ago. He explained how he was sad to be leaving the accommodation Solent but was ready to take on the world.

Richard woods is the face and a founding director of the digital marketing agency, Yomp, alongside his brother, Timothy Woods. He has know begun a new venture, releasing his own book, Digital TrailBlazer, which talks about the fast track road to becoming an Entrepreneur. The book explores how to “lasso the new wave of online marketing, using a unique process that will help you plan, climb and summit your very own business growth mountain.”

We also wanted to find out Richards views on the Urba-Life’s accommodation Solent halls, to see if he would of chosen to stay here during his time at University. He was very impressed with the package we offer and the amount of space that is provided for each individual. He strongly thought that the rooms were homely, cost effective and extremely modern.

Overall, meeting Richard Woods was a great pleasure and we were delighted by his feedback on ouraccommodation Solent halls. Richard is a very inspiring man and the Southampton Solent university has helped him along the way, of becoming an successful entrepreneur. So if your looking to be successful in life then consider studying at the Southampton Solent university and staying at the Urba-life’s accommodation Solent halls to have the best university experience.

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