School’s out! The summer holidays are the perfect time for cash strapped students to boost their income while gaining experience and making new friends. It can be tricky finding work degree-related work, so if you didn’t bag the internship you wanted or you’ve only just got round to thinking about getting a job, have a look at our 8 fun jobs which could take your summer to the next level!

  1. Pet sitter/dog walker

Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to get paid to cuddle furry animals all day? Pet sitting and dog walking can be a great way to earn an income while battling any post-Uni blues, as being around animals is proven to boost the flow of endorphins – “the happy hormone!”. Advertise your services in your local shops, newspapers and online bulletin boards such as Gumtree. You can also join an agency near you who will contact you when work is available such as Trusted Housesitters (


  1. Festival staff

Summer season means festival season! With over 230 festivals in the UK every year there are plenty of opportunities for university students to snaffle paid and unpaid positions at some of the best events in the country. While the majority of these gigs are offered on a voluntary basis, you will get to see lots of great bands, make new friends, create some awesome summer memories and potentially make connections for paid work further down the line. Check out Barcode Recruitment and Festaff for both paid and unpaid work.


holiday rep
  1. Holiday Rep/ Season worker

Holiday repping is definitely not for the faint hearted. It can mean long hours, stressed out tourists and demanding schedules. But on the flip side, you get to work in beautiful holiday destinations with guaranteed sunshine, meet loads of new friends, get some great experience for your CV and have tons of fun! If you are great with people, have lots of stamina and want to make some money in the sunshine, check out Thomson and Season Workers.

teaching english
  1. Teaching English

It is now easier than ever to bag jobs teaching English aboard, in the UK or even from the comfort of your own PC. You may want to look into getting a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate to help you understand more about the logistics of teaching, particularly if you intend on working abroad where you are not familiar with the native language. This could also help in the future with translation into other languages to English for when you’re working for a big organisation. For work overseas check out Go Abroad and InterExchange. If you are thinking of staying in the UK to teach, put up some adverts in your local shops and Gumtree to advertise your services to local foreign students. Or if you would prefer a flexible job which fits around you and your laptop check out Lingoda who offer live English lessons online.


theme park
  1. Theme Park staff

Theme park jobs are a great way of earning an income while making lots of new friends in a super fun environment! If you can handle lots of noise and large crowds in exchange for free access to the attractions, then perhaps this is the role for you. Theme parks provide excellent team building training which will look ace on your CV. Check out the Vacancies section on Thorpe Park, Chessington, Alton Towers, Legoland, and Disneyland.


life guarding
  1. Lifeguarding

Lifeguarding is a fantastically rewarding job, you will have to undertake the National Pool Lifeguard Qualification to secure a paid position at a pool or waterpark but it is totally worth it to spend your summer with your feet in the water and the sun on your face. Jobs are available in the UK and abroad, plus lifesaving skills definitely look great on your CV! Check out your local pool for courses or look at Royal Life Saving Society for more information on the NPLQ.


  1. Fruit picking

If you’re looking for a job which could make you lots of money and take you anywhere in the world, fruit picking might just be for you. From your own local farms to exotic agricultural locations across the globe, there are hundreds of jobs available for students. Fruit picking can be hard work, with long hours and warm weather, however it can also be very lucrative as it is often necessary to work every day to get the crops picked. So if you want to start the next school year with money in the bank, check out Anywork Anywhere or Picking Jobs.


summer camp


  1. Summer camp

If you’re great with kids and you want to go abroad, American summer camps are a fantastic way of spending your summer while bringing in the bucks. You can earn over £800 while having the time of your life! Check out this great comparison chart for more information on the biggest companies with vacancies.


Has this been helpful? Let us know what you get up to this summer!


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