People often think that the hardest part of going to uni is getting in, but actually making friends can be pretty tricky business as well! It’s not always easy to find the people you feel most comfortable around, especially if you’re not particularly social or you don’t like drinking. But even the most confident of people can get nervous when it comes to making friends, so here are our top 5 tips on how to go about breaking the ice.

  1. Make an effort with neighbours and flatmates

If you’re staying in shared accommodation then it’s important to spend some time getting to know your flatmates, after all, they will be in your life 24/7! Cook everyone an easy meal or grab some board games and DVDs and host a movie and games night. If you’re staying in one of our self-contained student rooms, pay a visit to your nextdoor neighbour and see if they fancy a cup of tea or head to the common room and challenge someone to a game of pool.

  1. Use social media

Both Southampton and Solent Universities have a strong online presence and there are plenty of groups that you can join to connect with similar students. Look for groups for your course or your favourite interests and network with the people in it by contributing to conversations or asking questions. If there aren’t any groups dedicated to what you are looking for, be the person who sets one up!

  1. Join a society

If you have a keen interest in something, the chances are that you will find lifelong like-minded friends by joining a society that is dedicated to it. Bonding is super easy when you have a shared common interest, so have a good think about what it is that you enjoy doing the most and try to find a club that is related to it. From scuba diving to circus skills, there is something for everyone at almost all universities!

  1. Set up a study group

Getting to know the people you live with is one thing, but what about the people on your course? Friends who are studying the same subjects as you are invaluable when it comes to revision time. If there isn’t one already, set up a study group so that people on your course can get together and help each other out.

  1. Participate in events

Universities are renowned for their regular events. From pub quizzes to welcome parties, there is always something happening somewhere. Get in touch with your Student Union to find out what events are coming up in the next few weeks and make it your mission to attend as many of them as possible!  Maybe you could even help out with the organisation?

Good luck!


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