One of the things you are going to have to decide when going to University is whether or not you should apply for student accommodation. Keep reading to see the Top 5 Reasons for choosing Urba Life’s Southampton student flats.

Make Friends

One of the absolute best parts about living in student accommodation is the opportunity to make new friends with flatmates, course mates and more. There is nothing better than getting to know the people around you, and then getting up to all sorts of fun with them.

Have Fun

Once you get to know the people around you a bit, do not be at all surprised at the things you will all get up to. There will be parties, prank wars, movie nights and late night hallway chats. You will never feel lonely when in student flats, because you are always within easy from someone who will be happy to hang out with you.

Roll Into Uni

Another great thing about Urba Life student accommodation, and Southampton student flats in general, is how close they undoubtedly are to University. If you have lectures at some awful, early time in the morning (like 10am), then there is nothing better than sleeping in until 9:30am before rolling out of bed, into some clothes and out the doors to your lecture.

Common Rooms

One of the best things about student accommodation is definitely the common rooms. These are the areas where you can all hang out, create a community and spend some time together. In Urba Life, we try to make our common rooms a focal point for the residents this is why inside each common room we have a pool table, TV, tables and chairs, couches and even a balcony! This makes it the perfect place for parties, movie nights or just chilling after a long day at lectures.

Study Time

Ok, bear with me. Perhaps one of the best things about living in student accommodation is the fact you have your own private room, and that everyone really respects that. If you tell everyone that you are going to spend the night studying, they might try to talk you out of it, but they will respect it once you are safely ensconced in your room. It means you never have to worry about someone barging in when you are trying to study, do research, or write an essay. It is perfect for when you have to actually crack down on all things you have to get done for University.

Ultimately, Southampton student flats are a huge part of the student experience, to not stay in one means you will definitely miss out!

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