With ice appearing in the mornings and predicted snowfall on the way, many students will be looking for ways to keep their accommodation warm without having to spend a fortune on the heating bill.


  1. Tin foil

Using heat reflective foil behind radiators will dramatically reduce the amount of heat disappearing through the walls. You can purchase foil specifically designed to help with this, or alternatively grab some quality tin foil from your local supermarket.


  1. Get out more

Visit friends, pop home for a weekend, go for a jog around the local park – when you’re not in the house you don’t have to worry about heating it! And if you manage to get exercise while you’re out it will only help to warm you up for when you eventually go home.


  1. Draft Excluders

Get crafty and make your own draft excluders (check out this free pattern) to keep out any cold drafts and to keep the heat in your room, also check out these tips to insulate your door on a budget.


  1. Hot Water Bottles

Time to dig out your old hot water bottle and put it to good use! Great for warming the bed and keep your toes toasty in the night time.


  1. Rice Heating Pad

For a great alternative to a hot water bottle, make your own rice heating pad using this tutorial. Heat in the microwave for a minute and you have your own pocket hand warmer!


  1. Thermal layers

If your mum is anything like ours, you will have a huge stockpile of thermal socks and underwear stored away somewhere. Dig them out and layer up! Wearing woolly hats and scarves inside will also help you keep your body temperature up.


  1. Open the curtains

Allow as much natural sunlight into your room during the day as possible, and close your curtains before dusk to trap as much free heat as possible.


  1. Invest in rugs

Picking up a few cheap rugs will help to insulate your room and keep your feet warm during the cold months.


  1. Keep your body topped up

Filling up on hearty porridges, soups and stews and keeping your body hydrated will not only help you stay warm but help to fend off any cold bugs lurking around.


  1. Drink hot toddies

A brandy hot chocolate might be your go-to beverage when it’s freezing outside, or just a plain old mug of tea, whatever you fancy just make sure it’s hot!


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