Podcasts are a great way to double up on your time while giving your brain cells a boost in the process. If you’re exercising, studying or driving home, tuning in to a good podcast will not only be a great companion, it’s also likely that you will learn something cool at the same time. So, to get you started, we’ve made a list of 10 at of the best educational podcasts for students;


TED Talks

You may well have seen a few TED Talks online already, but did you know that they come in audio form as well? This series of amazingly informative presentations is full of inspiring, motivational talks covering everything from art to crime and all the weird and wonderful bits in between.


The Infinite Monkey Cage

Everyone loves Professor Brian Cox, right? Lucky for us he hosts a weekly science show with comedian Robin Ince from BBC Radio 4, covering topics such as the apocalypse and space tourism. Definitely worth a listen if you need a science fix.


Stuff You Should Know

Created by the same people who started HowStuffWorks, this podcast runs on Tuesdays and Thursdays and covers a vast range of topics, from Jack the Ripper to the Spanish Inquisition. Great for improving your knowledge for the next student pub quiz!


Listen Money Matters

If there’s one thing students could do with more of, it’s money and the skills needed to manage it. Listen money Matters is a great listen for anyone looking for smart ways to pay off their student loans, avoid pesky bank charges and become financially free.


History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

If you’ve ever struggled with getting to grips with philosophy, this is the podcast for you.  Professor Peter Adamson looks at the ideas, lives and historical context of both major and lesser-known philosophers throughout history in an educational and easy to follow format.


Song Exploder

A hugely enjoyable listen, this show is hosted by musician Hrishikesh Hirway who deconstructs music by interviewing artists about their creative processes, helping us to better understand the thinking behind some of our favourite songs.


Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders

Featuring a selection of recorded seminars from Stanford University, this podcast is a hugely useful resource for anyone with dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. Providing the listener with great information on startups, venture capital and technology, past guests have included Mark Zuckerberg.



This is for anyone with a fascination for the stars. Hosted by astrophysics whizz Neil deGrasse Tyson, StarTalk regularly features guests such as Buzz Aldrin, Morgan Freeman and Edward Snowden who discuss everything from the science of movies to how science intersects with pop culture.


The Accidental Creative

Hosted by author Todd Henry, The Accidental Creative is a podcast designed to share tips on how to thrive in life and work. Great for any creatives looking to make their art into a profession, as it provides you with ideas for creating effective habits for success.



Featuring interviews with Nobel laureates, entrepreneurs and social scientists, this podcast looks at the weird and wonderful aspects of human nature such as why we cheat, commit crime or play sports. Great content if you are looking to learn more but you don’t have the spare time to study.



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